Shipping Terms

General Freight Terms and Conditions June 1, 2011

  1. CUBING FACTOR: Shipments are subject to a minimum weight of 10 LBS per cubic foot.
  2. ROAD BANS: During 75% road bans all rates will be 1.34 times the regular rate.
  3. METRIC EQUIVALENT: 1 Kilogram = 2.204623 LBS.
  4. DANGEROUS GOODS: Dangerous goods may be transported only in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of the Federal Government. Every person, whether as principal or agent, shipping dangerous goods without full written disclosure on the Bill of Lading of their nature, shall indemnify the carrier of all loss, damage or injury caused thereby. The goods may be warehoused at the risk and expense of the owner without compensation. The following charges will apply: 10% minimum $15.00 per shipment. Minimum $34.00 per vehicle load.
  5. COD SERVICE: Available to our shippers for an administration charge of 10% of the amount of the COD with a $25.00 minimum.
  6. CARRIER LIABILITY: The LTL rates are based on a shipment value at a maximum of $2.00 per pound. If a higher value is declared on the Bill of Lading an excess value charge will be assessed at the rate of $15.00 or 10% of freight with a $15.00 minimum.
  7. STORAGE: 48 hours free. $1.05 per 100 LBS per day or a fraction thereof, with a minimum of $7.50 per day.
  8. PROTECTIVE SERVICE: The carrier will not be obligated to supply hot or cold protective service on shipments unless arrangements are made in advance and the request is endorsed on the Bill of Lading. The rate assessed will be 10% on protective service will apply. The minimum charge on LTL is $15.00 and on a truckload shipment $50.00.
  9. TARPED LOADS: On loads that require tarping an additional flat charge of $97.50 shall be assessed.
  10. CLAIMS, OVERAGES, SHORTAGES & DAMAGES: All claims must be made in writing and be accompanied by certified copies of: 1) The original invoice, 2) The original Bill of Lading, 3) The original paid freight bill and 4) any other documents necessary in proof of amount claimed. Overages and/or shortages must be noted at time of receipt of goods and recognized by a delivery employee by his/her signature on the delivery receipt. No shortage may be claimed for items in an unopened or undamaged box or crate. Items marked as repacks will be at shipper’s risk. All claims must be filed within 30 days of delivery date.
  11. SERVICE CHARGES: 2% per month will be charged on all overdue accounts.
  12. FUEL SURCHARGE - All freight shipments are subject to a fuel surcharge of 18%.